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About Us

FTI Performance, the leading innovator in racing transmissions and converters is at it again. While many know FTI for bullet proof racing transmissions and torque converters, FTI Performance is now bringing to Mud Racing and Monster Trucks what they have brought to the transmission industry, ”CUSTOMER SERVICE”, along with a completely customized aftermarket Gearbox Transfer Case.

While there are many great companies selling great products in this industry, they don’t sell “CUSTOMER SERVICE” like FTI does. With a ship time of 24hrs from when your order is placed and a “free” quick change gear exchange policy, they are raising the bar! FTI is “CUSTOMER SERVICE”!

What separates a Sniper Gearbox from the rest? Sniper Gearboxes are designed on cad cam programs and machined from billet materials on state of the art Haas CNC machines in house at their Deland, Florida facility.

All gears in a Sniper Gearbox has an AGMA 11 finish (American Gear Manufactures Association rating). Each shaft is turned, hobbed and heat treated before being finish ground. By combining the finish grinding processes, FTI can hold a tighter centerline with better concentricity than competitors who shape their gears. This makes Sniper Gearboxes extremely quiet, even with straight cut gears.

All Sniper Gearboxes have captive seals so the mud won’t destroy them. Sealed with an o-ring between the halves and the quick change cover, there is no need for messy silicone in the assembly of a Sniper Gearbox either. FTI also designed the quick change covers which are studded and also incorporate handles for easy removal.

FTI also went so far as to have all of the specialty fasteners for Sniper Gearboxes custom made with grade 8 material and 12 pt heads to reduce weight. Each Sniper Gearbox also has multiple bolt patterns, so no clocking ring is needed when using one in a mated fashion.

Going one step further, FTI Performance has developed a special gear oil to be used in Sniper Gearboxes. When used, a 1 year unconditional warranty is provided on the Sniper Gearbox, which is unprecedented in this industry!

Sniper Gearboxes are lighter, stronger, quieter and more precise than any other gear box transfer case out there. This is where the “Sniper” name comes from. The quietest, most efficient, most precise, most disciplined facet there is. Welcome to SNIPER Gearbox!