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Standard Rotation - Mated

tc10000d-warranty.jpgStandard Rotation - Mated 10" Transfer Case Sniper Gearbox by FTI Performance is completely designed on a cad cam program and machined from billet materials on the latest state of the art CNC machines at our De Land, Florida manufacturing facility.

Mated 10" Transfer Case Sniper Gearboxes are available for GM Powerglide Transmissions, Turbo 400 Transmissions and Ford C6 Transmissions.

FTI Performance 10" Sniper Gearbox Transfer Cases are available with a wide range of Bull Gear Ratios and Final Drive Ratios.

All Sniper Gearbox transfer cases use captive seals so the mud won't destroy them.  O-Ring seals are standard between the halves and the quick change covers so no messy silicone is necessary in the assembly.  12 pt grade 8 bolts are also used in the assembly of Sniper Gearboxes. Each Sniper Gearbox has multiple bolt patterns, so no clocking is required. Sniper Gearboxes have also been designed with studded quick change covers and incorporated handles for easy removal.

Sniper Gearbox shafts are finish ground which allow them to hold a tighter center line with better concentricity than our competitors who shape their gears.  All gears are made with an AGMA 11 finish.  This makes a Sniper Gearbox extremely quiet, even with straight cut gears.

Sniper Gearbox transfer cases come with a 1 year unconditional warranty when the specially designed FTI Performance transfer case gear oil is exclusively used.

Our gearboxes are lighter, stronger, quieter and more precise than any other gearbox transfer case out there.

SNIPER Gearbox - Made in U.S.A.